miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

If All the Clocks Stopped Working - by Michael

The clocks stopped because the bad Clock Stopper stopped every clock. I woke up with the truck that gets the trash. Then I told myself, "Why didn´t my watch go off?" Then I looked at my clock and it was stopped. Oh no! Were all the clocks stopped or was it only mine? I had to see.

My brother was the best electrician, so I went to him. There were lot´s of people but he wasn´t there. He was fighting the bad Clock Stopper.

It was noon now. I went to help him. Nobody wanted to lose the clocks, so we had to do something.

I made shoes that would make me fast. Isaiah got a big machine and put it on his back, grabbed the handles and that is how the battle began.

To Be continued.