miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

Life with Michael

I´m Michael.

Michael the hero.

Me and my brothers up on the mountain exploring.

We finished the huge castle in world 8 on Super Mario Brothers! It was because we worked together.

Sick Michael with Mommy.

In the Life of Isaiah

I´m Isaiah.

This day we went on a picnic.

We play football with our Daddy on the beach.

It was fun putting Eva and Hammy together, but they didn´t like each other at first. Now, they play together and sleep together.

Some Facts about Andrew

Hi, I´m Andrew Jay.

I like hamsters. And Eva is my favorite one, because she small and cute.

Hammy is Isaiah´s hamster. We are trying to breed Hammy and Eva. They now like each other and live in the same cage. But no babies yet.

I like the Arizona Cardinals. I wore this for the Super Bowl. Notice the sticker in my Bible, It´s an Arizona Cardinals helmet.

Here we are playing football on the beach. We live about 10 minutes from the beach and we play football often. Football is my favorite sport. Here I am about to catch the ball. I ran it in for a touchdown!

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009

Andrew and the Eva Express

I´m hugging Eva
Eva in a Basket

Who me?


I´m also learning the guitar.

Hamsters, and Emmi

Hammy eating cheese on his back in my hand.
Hammy trying to win the race.
Me and Emmi looking fancy.
Poor Emmi,haha


Michael´s little Wally

Wally is getting fat, but he is only about 6 months old.

Walley in the basket.

"Can I play?"

Wally is the cutest hamster! And he is mine.

This is my favorite picture of Wally so far.