miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009

Michael´s little Wally

Wally is getting fat, but he is only about 6 months old.

Walley in the basket.

"Can I play?"

Wally is the cutest hamster! And he is mine.

This is my favorite picture of Wally so far.

3 comentarios:

DaddyJoe28 dijo...

Wally looks like alot of fun. Maybe he´ll have eyes as big as mine!!

Dani Joy dijo...

Michael, you are so cute with Wally. You are a good animal caretaker. you are learning to be more responsible every day. keep on using that big boy voice! You are growing up so fast! Love Jesus!

April dijo...

Hi Michael, Wally is such a neat name for your hamster. I love the first picture. Your eyes look as big as Wally's. :)
Just remember that God is very happy when you do what's RIGHT!
You make Mom and Dad happy too!
Love you very much,
Gammy and Gramps