miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009

Hamsters, and Emmi

Hammy eating cheese on his back in my hand.
Hammy trying to win the race.
Me and Emmi looking fancy.
Poor Emmi,haha


3 comentarios:

DaddyJoe28 dijo...

Hey Isaiah! You´re growing up to be a big boy. I´m glad you enjoy your dog.

Dani Joy dijo...

Isaiah, I think it´s so great how you love your animals and take good care of them. You are getting very responsible. Thank you for being a good example for your brothers. You are turning into a great young man of God! I love you!

April dijo...

Hi Isaiah,You have some pretty neat pets. There are many important things God wants you to learn life. He is very pleased when you obey Him. Keep up the good work.
Gammy and Gramps are proud of you too.
We love and miss you a lot.