miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

The Fozzy Bear (as my daddy calls me)

I can't believe I still have my blanket .
I call it my ba!

My face is so pudgy here!
(I´m the baby with my brother Isaiah holding me)
Isn´t my tummy huge?

4 comentarios:

Nina in Portugal dijo...

Andrew....look at how cute you were. I love the one with your 'huge' tummy! I think it was cute!

We miss you!
Ms. Nina and girls

Muthering Heights dijo...

Those are some ADORABLE photos!!

Sherry dijo...

How cute! :D

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows dijo...

Your tummy may be huge, but it is adorable!! Great pics and what a great blog you boys have going on. I know your Mama must be proud.

God bless you for being such strong soldiers for HIS army.

Veronica in CA, USA