lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

I´m Constructing Again!

I´m Michael. I am 8. I just started constructing with my legos, again. I found the good pieces that I needed to build a good spaceship.

Here it is.

I call it the "War Dog"!

We have another tank that was bigger than this one. We destroyed it but Andrew has a picture of it.

We will blog about it soon.

I used the pieces that were on that tank, but not all of them to build this spaceship. Andrew made one too, that´s why I don´t have all the pieces.

Isaiah let me use some of his pieces, the blue air flaps in the back and the wings holding the jets.  The wheels that have their own motors are from Isaiah too. They are pull back motors.

I took these pictures from my new DSI nintendo. That´s why it´s a little blurry.

Until next time when we have an even bigger ship made,

2 comentarios:

Dani Joy dijo...

I had so much fun making this post with you, Michael! you are a very creative boy!

Love Mommy

Nina in Portugal dijo...

Wow...Michael....I can't even build a nice looking house out of legos!!

God must make boys to be able to do all the cool stuff.....cause I'm missing out!