lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

My Good Dog!

This dog looks like a good dog.
He looks cute, and loving.

and so is this one...

This is our dog Emmi when she was a puppy.

This is a picture from when we went camping.
Emmi thought she was a bull fighter!

Emmi is a mischievious puppy.
But sometimes too mischievious!
While we were hiking, Emmi rolled in cow dung! YUCKO!

She is still my good dog.

I took this picture on one of our picnics.

~ Michael

3 comentarios:

Dani Joy dijo...

Michael, this is probably one of your cutests posts yet! You are getting so creative! Keep at it. and I love our Mommy dates!


DaddyJoe28 dijo...

bad dog!! no bark no bite! ... Deep down inside you know I love our dog too. Hmmm. But I haven´t even pet her yet this week. My New Year´s resolution was to pet her at least once a day. Blew that one
Cute post, Mikey

Nina in Portugal dijo...

Emmi is a keeper!! (Even if your daddy doesn't care for her....she keeps you guys on your toes!)

Great post! I loved all the pictures!

Hope to see you guys again this summer!